100 dogs

“Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human life”. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Well, for our first real blog, this should be happier, and I promise that we will be in the future. But here we go….
Last Monday I and a lot of the world learned about the massacre of 100 sled dogs in Whistler BC last April.
The dogs were not euthanized. They were shot, stabbed, slaughtered as they tried to climb out of a mass grave.
Here is the link:
This happened to them because they were viewed as simply animals to be used to make a sled dog tour company money. They were not looked at as living sentient beings; they were not seen as partners and friends; family members or companions. When they lost their economic value to the tour company, they lost their “value” and were maliciously and painfully put to death.
I had a really hard time with this this week. I felt blackness, sorrow, sickness.
Yesterday I decided to do something. A small thing. Tomorrow I will dedicate our workshop at Gold Run to the memory of these 100 dogs. I will donate my proceeds from this workshop and take donations, in the memory of 100 dogs, for the Summit County Animal Shelter.
I hugged my dogs as always. I thanked them for everything they give to my life.
Hug your dogs everyday…and thank them at least once a day.
In memory of the 100 dogs.

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