Nina Ottoson puzzles for your dog

Here is another great way to enjoy some one on one time with your dog. Nina Ottoson has developed a great series of dog puzzle games from easy to hard, designed to stimulate your dogs puzzle solving skills and encourage healthy and fun interaction between humans and dogs.
Linus, Lucy and ReRun have been having so much fun with these, that we decided to carry them for sale to our clients.
Currently we have in stock Casino, Spinny, Twister and Tornado. If you are interested in purchasing any of these games,or would like us to order one for you, please contact us at

2 Comments to Nina Ottoson puzzles for your dog

  1. ann heckman says:

    I’d like to order some of the puzzle games. Is there a catalogue? Also, we will be in Grand County this summer. I’d like to have a class on the come…even when see a squirrel etc. What will you have at Devil’s Thumb or where ever. Our dog (Golden Retriever ) likes to run away and won’t come back unless on her timetable. We just don’t trust her, so consequently she’s always on a leash. Sad for a dog with a country address. Thank you. Ann

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