Registration OPEN for spring and summer classes!

Registration for dog classes is now open! This friday we will be starting “Obedience for Life and Sports” and “Rally Fundamentals”.  Please see Schedule tab for times and descriptions.

Even if it is SNOWING (like this morning) we have indoor class space! We will be alternating between the Frisco Community Center (indoor!) and the Peninsula Recreation Area (indoor and outdoor).

These classes will lay a solid foundation for all of the sports classes to follow in June through August and they are highly recommended to increase your success in subsequent classes.

To register, go to : then go to Colorado/Friscorecreation

At the top of this page there is a menu, click on Register, on the next page click on Adult Activities, this will bring up Dog Sports, click on this and you will find all of the sports available for registration. Click on register for the classes you want and continue to follow the menu.

Hope to see you soon!

2 Comments to Registration OPEN for spring and summer classes!

  1. Hi Louisa,
    Cody the dog and Cathy the human are very interested in furthering his somewhat basic training and would like to know where to start. We’ve been out of town for almost 3 weeks and I realize I’ve missed some classes. Should I arrange a private lesson time with you to see just what Cody needs or sign up for one of the classes that you’d recommend? You can either email me or call my cell at 216-789-7073.
    Looking forward to seeing you.
    Cody and Cathy Johnson

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