Fall Class Schedule

After a brief break at the end of summer we are getting ready for a great fall class line up! Please see our Class Schedules page for details.

We will be offering both our very popular “Squirrel??!!”  and “Obedience for Life and Sports” classes and a chance to practice Rally and Agility.

“Squirrel??!!”” as you might guess is all about getting your dog’s attention when they are distracted. One of the most common things people experience with their dogs is that dogs feel that exploring the greater outdoors is simply much more interesting than hanging out with their humans (and to be honest, from a dog’s point of view, in most cases they are right!) So we need to learn how to make ourselves irresistibly interesting and attractive to our dogs as well as train them to give us their attention as an automatic reflex.

“Obedience for Life and Sports” not only covers the basics of sit, stay, down, and come but applies these to real life situations. We are not training a dog for obedience competitions, but teaching dogs to develop the essential manners that will make them enjoyable to live with and socially acceptable.   Training is a life long endeavor with a dog that does not end when class ends. In this class we will give you the skills to apply what we are learning to your life with your dog. We will also go into managing a dog’s environment to increase the chances of success and we will explore topics such as self control. If you are planning on doing sports with your dog, basic skills such as self control, giving you their attention in the face of distractions, tolerance of being in a crate and tolerance of other dogs and people is essential.

We will also offer one more chance to practice Rally at a novice or intermediate level.  Some basic knowledge of Rally is helpful, but if you want to also just come and try it out, we can accomodate that as well.

As will Rally, we will be offering a chance to practice agility in the high country hopefully before the snow flies for real. Being able to use the obstacles SAFELY is a requirement for this session.

Hope you can join us!!

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