January is National Train Your Dog Month

January is National Train Your Dog Month and Louisa is excited to share some basic training concepts through her series of articles in the Summit Daily News and on the Morning Sunrise Show every Monday morning in January at 8:10 am, Channel 8, Outside Television. Here is a link to her first article that appeared this week in the Summit Daily News:


What are YOUR training goals for January and the new year?  What tips would you like to know about?

2 Comments to January is National Train Your Dog Month

  1. Mary Jane Wurster says:


    I am very interested in getting my 19 month old female black Lab involved in one of your sporting activities. I nordic ski and have been interested in your skijoring class but I don’t know if Bella is ready for this. I have been working with Bella on basic obedience commands and on recall and she is doing quite well. Is it possible for me to bring her to observe one of your training sessions? We live very near the Gold Run Nordic Center. I would appreciate your thoughts on whether or not she might be ready to begin the program. She loves lots of exercise and I feel I need to get her involved in an activity where we can work together in a structured, outdoor, physical way. …something in addition to our everyday outdoor ball play sessions.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts.

    MJ Wurster

    • skijornmore says:

      Hello MJ.
      Yes of course feel free to bring her to class. I am sure she will love this and I know you are a very good skier. As long as she is comfortable being in a group of dogs and people, thats all that matters.
      hope to see you soon!

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