Update on Brandy

Brandy is now out of the shelter and in a loving foster home.  She is blossoming into the dog we know she can be. Her profile will soon be posted on Western Border Collie Rescue’s Dogs for adoption page. Thank you all for all of your kind words and well wishes and shared prayers for all of the dog in shelters everywhere. May we all continue the work to help these dogs find their forever homes…and also to support each other.

Western Border Collie Rescue has a wonderful poem by an unknown author on their success stories page.  I want to share it with all of you:

I asked for strength that I might rear him perfectly;
I was given weakness that I might feed him more treats.
I asked for good health that I might rest easy;
I was given a “special needs” dog that I might know nurturing.
I asked for an obedient dog that I might feel proud;
I was given stubbornness that I might feel humble.
I asked for compliance that I might feel masterful;
I was given a clown that I might laugh.
I asked for a companion that I might not feel lonely;
I was given a best friend that I would feel loved.
I got nothing I asked for,
But everything I need.
— Unknown

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