Catching Up!

Well, time flies when you are having fun! It has been far too long since I have written, but here are a few updates on our programs, and a taste of the season to come:

Starting last spring, we began traveling to Aspen every other weekend or so as Louisa began to teach at the Aspen Animal Shelter. She feels very fortunate to be able to offer her training and consulting services to the Aspen area and looks forward to meeting more of the community. We had the most fortunate opportunity to buy 35 acres of dog heaven near Glenwood Springs and we are starting to build a modest cabin on our land, which we have named “Rancho Cielo”… translated to “Sky Ranch” or “Heaven Ranch”. If you are in Aspen, check out our class schedules page to find the dates when Louisa will be over there next.

Louisa continues to be a trainer in the Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training family of  the most awesome trainers around the world, hand selected by Victoria Stilwell herself. Following the Dog Bite Prevention conference recently held right here in Denver Colorado, she played host to the first trainer’s retreat right here in Summit County, introducing her family of trainers, including Victoria herself, to the breath taking scenery…. and cold north wind… of our “back yard”.

New class offerings include our “Puppy Basics” and “Welcome Home” packages of private lessons and our “Howliday Manners Refresher” classes for the fall. Over the past few years of teaching, we have noticed that these topics seem to keep reoccurring as topics requested in private lessons, so now we have designed packages to specifically address the needs of those of you bringing a puppy home for the first time, adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue or just trying to survive the holidays with your dog (and visitors and their dogs!) Again, check our our Class Schedules page for more details.

Good news for those of you following Brandy’s story, she is now in her forever home as the adored and loved single dog with a loving and gentle human who dotes on her. Her story has a happy ending, and we hope that all shelter and rescue dogs find happy endings like hers.

On personal notes, Louisa received a total hip replacement this past fall. Of course, she didn’t realize that major surgery can slow a person down and had a couple of frustrating months of feeling very tired and not very productive. However, thanks to the love and care from her family and of course the dogs, she is looking forward to being cleared to start skiing again in a couple of weeks and ready to start the skijoring season soon…once we get more snow!

Speaking of which, our schedule of skijor workshops around the state is now posted on our Class Schedules page and we hope to see many of you  out on the trails.

Just to get in the mood…here is a re-posting of our McClure Pass video…snow will come soon…and we will be out there soon….have a look and enjoy.

Skijoring on McClure Pass


2 Comments to Catching Up!

  1. Jan Burnsed says:

    Hi, I’ve met Louisa through the factory bus driver (my brother) Dave Pierce. I moved to Lake George (about an hour out of Breckenridge) with my mom and 5 little dogs last year after my husband passed. One of the 5 dogs was raised by me, a former dog sledder. The other 4 are a huge problem. They are all over 6 years old. I will be looking to adopt a ‘pulling’ dog and work up to 3 or 4.
    My concern is Mama’s 4 dogs. They have no respect for humans. They bark too much (only left alone 4 hours maybe 2 times a month and they ‘maul’ Mama, sitting on her scratching her, and biting her if she’s in the way of a pack dispute. My dog has not picked up their bad habits in two years, but I worry about bringing in a bigger dog. Also, is there any hope of training for Mama and her dogs? Dave Pierce has my phone number if you need it. I would be so greatful if you could give me some advice. The little dogs are bringing blood on Mama by scratching and she is diabetic. As with most older people, Mama says nothing is wrong. I have 5 acres here and I want to have at least one big dog this year to help me pull stuff and protect me on outback walks. Thanks so much, Jan Fafard Burnsed

    • skijornmore says:

      Hello Jan, I would be happy to discuss lessons with you to help with your situation. Please email me at the contact information on this site. best Louisa

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