Positively Moving Forward, Our Training Philosophy

 Dog Training is about developing a life long, genuine relationship with your dog.

Frisco summer class Toni and SpamoniA  good relationship is what people want the most with their dogs. In helping people train their dogs, manage and modify behavior, I emphasize that at the heart of all training is this relationship.

Therefore, I use training techniques that set a dog up for success and reward a dog when they “get it right”.  I use rewards such as food, praise, games, toys and other life rewards.  Dogs that are set up for success and taught what “to do” become confident dogs and the relationship between them and their humans flourishes.

When a dog has a behavior that we do not want, we minimize the chances of the dog practicing and being rewarded for that behavior, and, instead, teach and reinforce a dog for what we would rather have him or her doing.

Often people do not realize that they are unintentionally rewarding a dog for the very behavior they do not want. In my training, I realize that it is just as important to educate dog owners about how dogs learn behaviors and what owners can do to make a  desired behavior stronger or help get rid of the undesirable habits.

I also help owners with dogs that are behaving aggressively toward other dogs or humans. Most often this aggression is coming from fear. By helping owners understand that their dog is coming from a place of fear, we can then help dogs begin to learn to have more confidence around things, people or dogs they are afraid of as well as teach dogs alternative and more appropriate ways of creating space between them and what they find scary.

Using dog training methods that are not painful, intimidating or frightening to a dog are also safe. Dogs that are in pain or frightened with often defend themselves with aggression. Dogs that feel safe, secure and understood are in turn, safe, confident dogs to be around.

  • I use flat buckle collars, walking harnesses and solid leads (no retractable).
  • I do NOT use shock collars (also known as “e collars” or “stym collars”), choke collars, prong collars or other “training” collars.
  • I also do NOT use any sort of dominance based training.
  • For more details on my training philosophy please see Training FAQs

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