Group Class Descriptions

Group Classes
A quick note on important policies:

Please note that for safety reasons I cannot allow aggressive dogs in a group class.  If your dog does not do well in g  roups, we can arrange for a private lesson.

I require for classes that all dogs have proof of vaccination or titer testing and be in good health.

I do  not allow any choke collars, prong collars, shock collars or other “training” type collars in class. I also do not allow retractable leads in class. Please bring your dog with a flat buckle collar or a walking harness and a solid lead. (In certain cases I will allow the use of a Martingale collar)

For a schedule of current classes, please see our
Class Schedule tab.Please see our Dog Sports page for descriptions or our sports classes

“Canine Good Citizen Class and Certification”:
Canine Good Citizen is a program that teaches dogs basic manners to become a companion animal. It is also the beginnings to becoming further certified as a therapy or service dog. These are the foundation skills. In this class we learn appropriate greeting manners for people and other dogs, loose lead walking, self control around other people and dogs, basic skills of sit, down, stay and come and ability to have your dogs attention even with distractions.

C.O.R.E puppy class for puppies 5 to 8 months old.Becky and Bella puppy class
CORE stands for Confidence, Obedience, Recall and Etiquette. In this class we focus on continued socialization of your puppy, as well as positive training techniques that will teach your puppy what you want him or her to do and help them build confidence. We work on very basic obedience skills, getting their attention, developing the foundations of a solid recall and helping them learn self control and good manners such as walking nicely on a leash, greeting politely and chewing on what you would like them to chew on.


“Howliday Manners Refresher”:
Get ready for the holidays! Our first class in this series is a seminar (minus your dog so I can get your  attention!) that goes over both training and management of your dog regarding greeting manners, handling interactions of guests and other dogs with your dog during the holiday, handling food issues etc. In the second class we will practice greeting manners, place, and leave it with your dog.

chocolate lab in puppy class“Obedience for Life and Sports”
This is a basic 101 obedience course taught using positive reinforcement bases and NON forceful techniques. Bring only your dog in a buckle collar or walking harness, a solid lead, treats and your praise and positive attitude.  We will not only teach basic obedience commands, but also ask your dog to do these even when faced with real life distractions. We will also address when and where these commands come in handy while living “real life” with your dog. 

This course starts at the beginning with a review of non forceful methods to get your dog to heal, follow you, sit, stay, come and obey other basic obedience commands. From here we will start to go through simple Rally courses working our way to more advance courses. Teamwork with your dog and keeping it fun and positive are emphasized! Dogs must be in good health and vaccinated. For a more in depth description of Rally please see our summer sports page

Does your dog act like he is hard of hearing but you know he is  not?  This class focuses on getting and keeping your dog’s attention even in the face of irresistible distractions. This is a “recall” class, meaning its about getting your dog to come to you even if they would rather keep investigating the greater outdoors. Dogs must be in good health and vaccinated.

“Walk Nicely on a Leash”:
Does your dog pull and you are not skijoring? It is easy to teach a dog how to walk nicely on a leash and to pull when you are skijoring.  The secret is teaching your dog different cues for different “jobs”.  In this class we address why dogs pull and how to teach them to walk with you on a loose leash when asked.  We cover a traditional “heel” but also techniques for simply being able to enjoy a relaxing walk together when your dog in on leash.