Private Lessons

Becky and Bella puppy class

Private Lessons

Important notice:  I will be returning to school full time in the fall of 2015.  At this time I am not accepting new clients.

In private lessons I can tailor lessons to meet you and your dogs individuals needs and goals. While we set goals and develop a training plan, we can adjust each session to accommodate how well your dog is responding to training, your dogs’ attention span that day and how much time you have had to practice in between sessions.
Private lessons are great not just for individual attention but also for behavior challenges such as barking, jumping, anxiety and aggression toward people or other dogs (or both).


Initial visit and consultation
At this first visit you will come to meet me so that we can discuss in detail the training you desire and come up with a training plan for you and your dog. If appropriate, we will start training with your dog at this time.
Follow up private coaching sessions
These will be at your home or other location depending on which environment is best suited for the task at hand.
Puppy Basics Package: Border puppies
Just got a new puppy and want to start out right? This is a three session private training in which we will go over supervision, house training, biting, chewing, socialization and laying the foundation for a well mannered puppy. All of these sessions will be at your home or, if applicable, at a location suited to the lesson at hand.


Brandy in forever homeFind your Match:
Looking to adopt a new dog? Let us help you! Rather than a hasty impulsive decision, we can help you find the best dog for you to match your lifestyle. We will help you create a realistic list of traits that a new dog would need to be a good match for you, including how much exercise you can give a dog, if you have children, if you have other dogs, or if you live in a rural area or a town. Once we help you find the right dog, we can help you settle in with your dog and address any concerns that come up in the first month together.

My training is based on recommendations of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and the principles of behavioral science. As such, I minimize the opportunities for a dog to “get it wrong”, while setting up opportunities for dogs to “get it right” and reinforce the correct behavior. Please see “dog training FAQs” for important details regarding my training philosophy and techniques and equipment that I use.  I do not use choke, prong or shock collars. Nor do I  use aversive or dominance based training. 

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